I’m a nomadic social entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and the co-founder and CEO of the Mental Health League (MHL). The MHL is a charitable apparel brand that’s changing the way people think about mental health while donating a portion of profits to mental health organizations.

Prior to MHL, I was a partner and head of ecommerce at  The Elephant Pants, an ethical apparel brand that grew from $0 to $3 million within 18 months, raised over $180,000 for elephant conservation, and appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank.

In my  free time, I’ve been a DJ for the past 10 years, and have spun hundreds of gigs for the likes of Amazon, GQ, and 30+ clubs around NYC and Brooklyn. I’m also a big fan of the NBA, audiobooks, and traveling (see where I’m going here).


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  • 8 years of digital marketing
  • 4 years of product management
  • 3 years of ecommerce
  • 10 years in nightlife & events
  • 10 years of DJ’ing



All stops are subject to change at a moment’s notice because I’m a big fan of spontaneous travel, but this is usually pretty up to date. Local tips and new friends always welcome, just shoot me an email or message me on IG.

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