Best Wifi in Koh Phangan for Digital Nomads

Always a scary thing to show up in a new place not knowing if internet the internet will be strong enough for you to sustain your digital nomad living. To help the cause, I’ve decided to run speed tests everywhere I go so you know what’s good. Here’s a compilation of everywhere I went in my 10 days in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Is there fast wifi in Koh Phangan?

Yes, it turns out there is. Many of the cafes and restaurants were getting >20 Mb/s download and >20 Mb/s upload.

As a rule of thumb, you want at least 5 Mb/s upload and download for basic functions like email, but even those speeds are pretty miserable.

Best Cafes and Restaurants to Work From in Koh Phangan

Pretty much every day, I’d just drive to cafes because it was so much cheaper than going to co-working spaces – and food/drink was included. The go-to area is by Thong Sala pier, which is where Dots, Doppio, The Port, and Nira’s are all within two blocks of one another.

My #1 Pick: Nira’s Bakery and Cafe

Huge fan of this place because of the menu. Great snacks and full meals. I highly recommend the granola yogurt bowl or the banana pancakes with honey – both for less than 100 tbh. Lot of great seating options too.


My #2 Pick: Dots Cafe


Dots’ ambience and decor was my favorite. If it wasn’t for its limited food menu, it would have been #1. The internet wasn’t the fastest compared to other cafes, but it’s more than enough for most activities.

Dots Cafe Best Wifi Internet in Koh Phangan for Digital Nomads

Fastest Internet: Southway Coffee Bar

Doppio Cafe

Really close to Nira’s and Dots, so just hop between them.

The Port Coffee Bar

Really close to Nira’s and Dots as well, so just hop between them.

The Port Coffee Bar Best Wifi Internet in Koh Phangan Thailand For Digital Nomads Speed Test

Bubba’s Cafe

Poor internet in the actual cafe based on the speed test, but amazing food.

Bubba's Cafe Best Wifi Internet In Koh Phangan Speed Test for Digital Nomads

A’s Deli

This place had a pretty solid burger.


Chill Up Restaurant

Meh…not a great place to work.

Infinity Beach Club

Beautiful pool and view with surprisingly strong internet.

Coworking Spaces

To be honest, I didn’t even work at any of the co-working spaces because the prices were much greater than just eating and drinking at cafes. I was only on the island for 10 days so if you did a monthly pass, the costs may be worth it to you, or if you just want to meet people – although I was able to do that at cafes as well.

How did I test the wifi speeds in Koh Phangan?

I tested the speeds using Speedtest by Ookla iOS app. I strongly recommend this app as well as the desktop version as

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