2018 Mission: All Thrift Everything

I want the whole world to shop secondhand first.

After years of saving the elephants as a partner at The Elephant Pants, I’ve decided to move on and dedicate myself to a new mission – thrift.

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve loved thrift and vintage shops – the thrill of the hunt, the low prices, the individuality. Pre-owned clothing has defined my style, but as I’ve grown to be a conscious consumer, it’s become as much of an environmental choice as an aesthetic one.

Fashion is the world’s 2nd worst industry for the planet after oil (learn more here). While there’s a myriad of sustainable fashion solutions, buying secondhand is the one that can have the biggest impact (aside from buying less) – eliminating the resources needed for manufacturing and landfill waste altogether.

So in 2018 (and beyond), I’m going to…

  1. Only buy secondhand.
  2. Travel the world to learn everything I can about the resale fashion industry by visiting shops and speaking with industry leaders – documenting my journeys along the way. View my tour calendar ›
  3. Thrift hack – a shitty buzzword I just made up which means I’ll create content and products to educate and convince people to think secondhand first.

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