The No New Shit Challenge

It’s time for change y’all. Our obsession with popping tags is killing our homie, and by homie I mean planet Earth. That’s why I’m joining The No New Shit Challenge.

The No New Shit Challenge is simple. Don’t buy any new clothing.

But Mike, how are we going to survive? What about those new Balenciaga dad shoes? What about that the $2 dad hats I keep seeing on IG? I gotta have ’em.

NO, you don’t. Have some discipline people, this is ridiculous.

In 2018 and beyond, we only buying secondhand.

Here’s the strategy. Whenever you need something or just want some new swag, you’re going to do one of three things…

  1. Realize that you don’t really need it and either invest that money or spend it on people or experiences because they’re the true path to happiness.
  2. Hit up your homies and ask them if you can borrow whatever it is that you think you need.
  3. If #1 and #2 fail, buy the item secondhand. Yes, secondhand aka pre-owned aka vintage aka thrift aka used.

Why buy secondhand?

  1. Because it’s 2018 and conscious consumption, we on that.
  2. Because saving money is the new spending money, and you’ll save like 50-90% when you buy used, money that you can used to pay off your student loans, credit card debt, invest, or spend on your best friend.
  3. Because every item you buy secondhand will save around 20,000 litres of water and 500g of pesticides

Fine Print

  • Items that are chill to buy new because I know no one would join this unless I exclude them…intimates, undies, socks
  • If you literally can’t find a pre-owned item of what you need, fine, but make sure to be ashamed and tweet me what it was so I can confirm that you’re not lying.

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