Book Review: Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion

To kick off my year of conscious consumption, I read “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost Of Cheap Fashion” by @elizabethlcline.

In summary, fast fashion has caused us to buy tons of low-quality clothing. We now measure quality by the # of washes an item survives instead of by the # of years. The environmental impact is huge with both manufacturing resource consumption and filling up our landfills with non-biodegradable synthetic fabrics. In the US alone, we’re buying 20 billion garments a year. I could go on, but tbh you should just read it or go to @netflix and watch @truecostmovie, which covers most of the same subject matter.

So what do we do?

A) Quit buying so many clothes.

B) Make your own clothing. Yes, that means you literally sewing.

C) When you buy clothing, buy #Secondhand or from a #sustainable brand (which is a whole nother subject matter that I’ll cover in depth at some point bc there’s not one way to define “sustainable” fashion).

But Mike, if the best solution is to not buy anything at all or make your own clothing, why are you going #AllThriftEverything?

#1 Habit Psychology: It’s aligns with our current buying habits – buying a lot for less. Habits are tough to change and I’ve found with my personal self-improvement, the best first step is to substitute something bad with something less bad. For instance, when I was kicking my sugar habit, I switched from eating cookies to chocolate protein bars, then slowly substituted those with even healthier options until I wasn’t addicted to sugar anymore. So with fast fashion, I think the 1st step is to just sub in secondhand purchasing, then sub in more healthy habits later on.

#2 Self-Expression: Clothing is self-expression and self-expression is important. It can give you confidence, help attract the perfect partner, and help get you the job of your dreams. I don’t want to suppress that, I just think we should self-express sustainably.

#3 I just love #thrifting.

What about buying secondhand fast fashion? I’ve been struggling to answer that ? myself. My stance currently is that it’s still a win bc it extends the lifetime of the garment.

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