Mike Vosters, DJ NYC / Brooklyn

FOR BOOKING: Email me at hey@mikevosters.com with the date, time, and description of your event. Also, let me know if you need me to provide a sound system or lighting package.

Mike Vosters, DJ NYC / Brooklyn, has been lighting up dancefloors for the past decade. His transitions…flawless. His song selection…unparalleled. His style…GQ.

Is he the best, most affordable wedding, corporate event, bah mitzvah DJ in NYC and Brooklyn? That’s not for us to say, but it’s good for SEO, so we had to say it.

So on and so forth, enough of me talking in 3rd person. Here’s my story…

I’ve been DJ’ing since high school. I spun proms and college parties for 5 years, then graduated to the NYC club circuit. Through that entire time, I’ve DJ’d weddings, corporate and private events, bah mitzvahs, and fashion week events.

Some fun facts…

  • In NYC, I got my start DJ’ing electroswing going by the name Electric Gent.
  • In college, I lost my life savings (not much at the time) throwing a Ying Yang Twins concert.
  • One of my favorite transitions is mixing Joan Jett, Ace of Base, and 2 Chainz.

DJ Experience

  • 10 years DJ’ing
  • 500+ gigs
  • 50+ clubs and venues including Hotel Chantelle, Goldbar, Freehold, PhD, Electric Room, VNYL, Southside, and many more
  • International gigs in Spain

Corporate Event DJ’ing

  • GQ
  • Amazon
  • Jack Spade
  • Todd Snyder
  • Lafayette 148
  • A bunch of New York Fashion Week parties

Wedding DJ’ing

To be honest, I’m mainly a club DJ, which is also the biggest reason to hire me as your wedding DJ. My sets are dancefloor certified with the latest chunes and you don’t have to worry about it being cheesy.

Photos & Videos

Proof that I know how to DJ…and look pretty decent while doing it.

The Sound

To be honest, I’ve DJ’d a bit of everything. I grew up on hip-hop, then worked in electronic music for years. I’d hire me to DJ current Top 40 / Pop, Hip-Hop (Old School or New School), Open Format, Electronic, House, Deep House, Tropical House, Nu Disco, Oldies, Motown, Electroswing, Trap, or Moombahton. I wouldn’t hire me for country or metal.


More than anything, I’ve been an Open Format DJ – mixing in pop sounds from every genre and  decade.


My passion project in New York was Filibuster NYC, an amazing community of humans that came together to throw some of New York’s most innovative events. I was lucky enough to be the resident electronic DJ for these events spinning soulful and funky house, trap, and world sounds.


I grew up on oldies. I spun brunches at Hotel Chantelle both days every weekend for a year playing nothing but oldies, motown, funk, disco, and soul.


In NYC, I got my start DJ’ing under the name Electric Gent. I DJ’d Electro-Swing aka Swing-House music at fashion week parties and lounges. It’s a unique, sophisticated sound that’s also great for weddings during dinnertime. Click here to hear my electro-swing mixes ›

Why should we hire you?

Because while I am an artist, I’m really here to serve. With new clients, I go through my super proprietary music survey to figure out your taste and what vibe you want for your event. If you need me to be that super trendy and cool DJ, I got you. If you love pop and want me to blare T-Swift all night, I got you too. When you’re happy, I’m happy.

Beyond that, I’ve been hosting events and working in nightlife for a decade, so I know exactly what it takes to put on a great event. Looking for a venue, photographer, or even a magician? I know who to call.


My rate ranges from $500-$3000 depending on your date, location, if you need me to provide sound and lighting, and event planning needs.


For bookings, rates, questions, referrals, the meaning of life, or what not… here’s how you can a hold of me.

Feel free to call or text any time, but since I traveling quite a bit, email is usually best. I generally reply within 24 hours on weekdays. Weekends you can find me behind a DJ booth somewhere around NYC.


*Include the date, time, and description of your event. Also, let me know if you need me to provide a sound system or lighting package.

Call or text 913.709.8181

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